Liz Chick

Housing and Tenancy Manager (currently on maternity leave)

Liz joined Lets for Life with eight years of experience in lettings and housing management within the social housing sector. She studied psychology at the University of Chester and proceeded to work as an assistant psychologist in the rehabilitation of people with acquired brain injury before moving into the social housing sector.

Having an older brother with learning disabilities she is passionate about ensuring individuals with learning disabilities are provided with equal rights and opportunities. Liz is a true believer of anything is possible with the right person centered support, so was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to get stuck in and involved at Lets for Life. In her free time Liz loves to go rock climbing with her partner and on many a mountain hikes and camping trips across the UK. Liz also loves to travel, grow home fruit and vegetables and cook for friends and family.

Liz is really looking forward to getting back to supporting Lets for Life’s applicants and tenants to find good quality suitable homes and to strengthen their independence so they can know themselves, be content, create relationships, and develop real social inclusion within the community.

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