Additional Housing Management

Additional Housing Management is something which you must need, and Lets for Life must provide to you, as part of your tenancy.

It is a tenancy support service that is planned around you and your tenancy.

Lets for Life must provide you with at least 1 hour per week additional housing management. If you regularly need more than 1 hour, Lets for Life can go through the options with you.

What does it include?

There is a list below of some of the things additional housing management includes. These are just a few examples:

  • Supporting you to understand your tenancy 
  • Explaining your responsibilities as a tenant. These are things like keeping your house clean and tidy 
  • Explaining your rights as a tenant. It is your home and tenancy. You have your own front door
  • Supporting you to apply for housing benefits. 
  • Arranging tenant meetings with you these might cover things like fire safety and how to be a good neighbour 
  • Visiting you to see how you are and how everything is going in your home 
  • Make an easy read induction file this includes all of our policies and procedures. All of these are in easy read 
  • Create personal emergency evacuation plans with you these are called PEEPs plans

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