What We Do

In order to provide a range of different housing, we work in a number of different ways:

  • We work with private landlords who already own high-quality houses or are willing to invest and buy the types of houses we need. In this model, Lets for Life lease the property from the landlord and effectively become their tenant. Lets for Life then sub-lease the property to the tenant. This means that Lets for Life sit in-between the property landlord and the tenant. We commit to both parties to look after the property, to keep it well maintained, to fix any required repairs and to ensure the tenant feels closely connected to Lets for Life and able to ask any questions at any time. Lets for Life claim for Housing Benefits on behalf of the tenant and use this money to pay the landlord their rent and to cover any costs incurred to service and maintain the property to the highest standards.


  • We work with Individuals of High Net Worth (IHNW) who are interested in investing in property but don’t necessarily want to take on the responsibility of being a landlord. In this model, Lets for Life find the ideal home for a new tenant on the open market, the IHNW purchases it and as above, leases it to Lets for Life who then take on full responsibility for maintaining and servicing the property. As with the model above, Lets for Life then sub-lease the property to the tenant who can move in knowing they have the full support of Lets for Life to live happily and safely in their home.


  • We work with property developers who build new homes to meet the needs of our tenants.


  • We invest in developing or purchasing our own properties


  • We also work with NHS grant funding through Transforming Care programme to purchase properties. Transforming Care is focused on enabling individuals who are currently living in hospitals or treatment units to move into their own home in the community.

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