Rent Setting

Lets for Life provide specialised supported accommodation – we don’t provide ordinary social housing. We provide housing for people with learning, physical disabilities and autism. If our tenants weren’t provided with specialised supported accommodation, the only alternative place to live is in residential care or assessment and treatment units – Whilst we try our best for our accommodation to look like ‘ordinary’ homes, we go a long way to ensure people are able to live more independently and are safe. The cost of providing this bespoke accommodation and service is inevitably higher than ordinary accommodation – although we do our best to keep our costs and charges as low as possible.

We have a clear, itemised breakdown of how rents are set. Core lease charges to private landlords are transparent to be able to evidence exactly what return they are making on the lease. We are committed to ensuring our private landlords are investing in Supported Housing for ethical reasons and they share Lets for Life’s mission. 

All service charges are set at actual costs. Where we provide additional services, this is detailed on why it is necessary for the tenant to receive the services in order to live in the property as independently as possible. 

Rents are audited at least annually to ensure that they are kept at actual costs.

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