Landlords & Investors

When working with Private-lease landlords, we form a close working relationship forged on trust and an aligned purpose to deliver a long-term tenancy. In recent times, there has been some negative press around the misuse of the Exempt rate. We ensure every landlord we partner with is not motivated by the opportunity to take advantage of the system to earn a higher rent.

The benefits of working with Lets for Life to provide a home to a person with learning disabilities and/or autism are:

  • An assured and guaranteed rent
  • Less work for the landlord as Lets for Life take on responsibility for rent payments, servicing and maintaining the home and responding to all repairs
  • A long-term tenancy compared to renting it on the open market
  • The knowledge that you are helping someone have the same life choices we all deserve

If a landlord is looking to use Supported Living as a way to access higher rents and earn a higher income fast, they aren’t right for us. The deal is about sustained long-term profit, not quick-buck win.

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