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Lets for Life

We want to revolutionise the way housing is provided, so that all disabled people, autistic people and people with learning disabilities have the opportunity to live happier, independent and more connected lives.

Our Tenants

We ensure all our tenants live in a place of their choice, where they feel safe, a place that enables them to belong to a community, a place they love coming home to. We strive to deliver the service that ensures all our tenants view their home as a place of happiness, calmness, safety and security. 

Care and Independence

We make regular home visits to ensure all our tenants are happy and safe. We also create easy read documents to assist our tenants to live independent, happy lives.

Your Agreement

We work closely with every tenant and their family when setting up tenancy agreements to ensure everyone understands and feels absolutely comfortable with the rules of the tenancy.

Rights and Freedoms

We work closely with our tenants to help them understand their rights and freedoms. It is their home, their own front door. We ensure they can live life to the fullest.

We Handle the legal process

We do all of the administration work to claim Housing Benefits on behalf of the tenant. The money claimed through Housing Benefits covers the rent and maintenance.

Our Partners

We work with partners in several fields to provide housing for our tenants. There are many advantages to working with us. 


We work with private landlords who already own houses or are willing to invest in purchasing. We then lease the property while housing a person in need.


We work with property developers who build new homes to meet the needs of our tenants. We also invest in developing and purchasing our own properties.

High Net Worth Individuals

HNWIs are great for those who want to add to their portfolio without hassle. We lease the property and handle all the management and maintenance.

NHS Grants

Through the Transforming Care Programme we purchase properties for individuals who are moving from hospitals or treatment units.

Our Mission

The majority of disabled people we speak to feel as though their only options are to either stay living with their family or to move into a residential care home, and neither of these options provide an opportunity for independence or fill them with excitement for the future.

Research by Mencap found that most people with a learning disability who live with family want greater independence, with around 70% wanting to change their current housing arrangements to achieve this.

We can and must do better. Lets for Life are here to provide the creativity and passion that is needed to enable this change to happen. With the right service, all disabled people, autistic people and people with learning disabilities can lead happy, independent and more connected lives.

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