What we do

Lets for Life are the link between the landlord's house and the tenant's home. We are widening the availability of specialised supported housing for people with learning disabilities with complex support needs.

The tenants we provide housing to needs specialist types of properties and tenancies that some landlords are unsure about. This then limits people's opportunities for finding and renting appropriate quality homes.

We lease properties owned by private landlords and rent them to our tenants. The private rental sector is growing and this can offer more choice to tenants with learning disabilities with complex support needs. Although we have found that landlords can find it difficult to offer the required level of housing management. Lets for Life offer specialised and personalised housing management - to keep tenants comfortable and safe in their homes.

Being registered as a Private Registered Provider with the Homes England, we work professionally to a high standard, whilst never losing focus of our tenants' wellbeing.

Lets for Life break down the bureaucracy and complicated process to assist both landlord and tenant to lead to long-term successful tenancies.

How we do this

  • Offer models of investment in social housing for the use of people with learning disabilities with complex support needs, to a variety of current landlords, social investors and philanthropists.
  • Now we are registered with the Homes England as a Private Registered Provider, we can develop and grow at a natural pace with regular reviews and monitoring.
  • We aim to assist people with learning disabilities with complex support needs to make decisions about their tenancy, even if they are assessed as lacking capacity.
  • Lease from private landlords and rent to our tenants.
  • Provide a high level of specialised and personalised housing management.
  • We provide a professional and specialist customer service that is accessible, responsive and flexible to the tenant's needs.
  • We promote the work of the charity and its objectives for co-production, accessibility and social change.

Who we work with

  • People with learning disabilities with complex support needs.
  • Families and advocates.
  • Private landlords, investors and philanthropists.
  • Local authorities and NHS (Social Services, Housing Benefits, Commissioners, Occupational Therapists and all other departments).
  • Health professionals.
  • Support providers.
  • Local communities.
  • Other housing providers.
  • Social investment organisations.
  • Charities and specialist organisations.