About us

Lets for Life are a registered charity and housing provider and a subsidiary of the Cameron Charitable Trust.

We are the link between the landlord's house and the tenant's home. We provide real, comfortable and safe homes for people with learning disabilities with complex support needs. There are currently thousands of people in assessment and treatment units across the country who desperately want and need their own home. There are also people with learning disabilities with complex support needs who live at home with their families or other places. Both these groups may want independent living and with our expertise in specialised supported housing, they can successfully live in the community.

The tenants we provide housing to need specialist types of properties and tenancies that some landlords are unsure about. This then limits people's opportunities for finding and renting appropriate quality homes.

We offer personalised housing management, on all aspects of the tenancy and we work closely with support providers once our tenants have moved in so that we are able to proactively address any issues before they arise.

Lets for Life break down the bureaucracy and complicated process to assist both landlord and tenant.