What We Do

If you are a landlord or investor, Lets for Life would like you to consider tenants with learning disabilities.

Most of our tenants are recipients of enhanced housing benefit and have a supported living package, enabling them to be cared for in their own rented properties. From a landlord's point of view, this makes them excellent tenants.

There is a large, unsatisfied demand for housing in this sector, possibly caused by the perceived complexities of the tenants, possibly by the fact that they are Housing Benefit tenancies.

Lets for Life exists to handle the extra admin and ongoing support so a landlord can remain insulated from these issues. In addition, we do all the jobs a normal letting agent does, like finding the right tenant for your property and managing the tenancy on your behalf.

We take a lot of pride and effort in finding the right property for the right tenant. We want to make sure everyone is happy with the arrangement and that it will work long term. By leasing through Lets for Life, you can rest assured that the tenant is being supported in all aspects of housing and that repairs and maintenance are being carried out by vetted, reliable and certified contractors (if required).